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Gift doll manufacturer
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Dongguan Jiahao Artwork Co., Ltd. founded in 2011, is an enterprise integrating product development, innovation, development and production. Since its establishment in 2000, it has always adhered to the concept of "honest operation and civilized operation". It has constantly innovated and improved in product design, development and management. It has become a toy company integrating toy development, production, export to Japan, France, etc. and domestic sales, Specializing in the production of gift pendants, gift dolls, souvenir dolls in tourist attractions, baseball series products, vinyl dolls, PVC, ABS, POLY dolls, animation and film series dolls, stationery products, customers provide samples, or provide drawings. Our factory can first make handboards, make samples, and then develop molds for mass production. The product design is novel and beautiful. It has rich production experience, standardized production, and specialized talents. At the same time, it undertakes OEM orders and OEM production, attaches importance to technical innovation, improves the brand with quality, and pursues excellent quality

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